How OTT is meeting the Twin challenges of Viewer Fatigue and Theatre Releases?

The entertainment industry has been affected by the rise of over-the-top (OTT) services. It makes watching movies more easy, accessible, and economical for a larger range of people. Anyone with a smartphone and access to the internet can watch a movie from anywhere on the globe. Although OTT will not completely replace movie theatres, it will undoubtedly be a viable alternative.

Following the collapse of movie theatres, one of the most significant upheavals last year was the rapid change in content consumption from huge displays to tiny screens. While some viewers enjoyed it, others apparently suffered from viewer fatigue.

With users’ attention spans shortening, OTT service providers are typically facing challenges in their OTT churn management. However, a smart OTT subscription billing system, on the other hand, can help them keep their clients.

Overcoming Viewer Fatigue Challenges

viewer fatigue challenges

  • Data-based recommendations based on data

To avoid viewer fatigue, service providers should deliver a unique watching experience customized for users” interests and preferences. OTT operators can use this information to forecast what a user would like to watch in the future.

  • Video previews

Nothing is more frustrating than spending 5 minutes selecting a film only to discover ten minutes later that it isn’t of your taste. Video previews come in handy here. It will assist consumers in making faster and more informed selections by rapidly highlighting the plot, characters, and general tone of the title.

  • Flexibility in streaming

Nowadays, entertainment is no longer restricted to the living room. We can now watch our favourite shows, get the latest news, and watch live sports at any time, thanks to digital media.  That’s why, in order to avoid subscriber fatigue, OTT providers must ensure that their content catalogue is accessible on all platforms, including tablets, smart TVs, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

  • Buffer-free viewing experience

Finally, customers are always demanding a high-quality watching experience. Your smart marketing and subscription billing system can get you a new subscriber. They can quickly draw in by the appealing user interface and straightforward search feature, but if streaming is always buffering, they may abandon your services soon.

Why OTT is the new Theatre?

Although there may be some apprehension among the movie industry’s major players about the new normal, data suggests that OTT will continue to lead even after the pandemic era. OTT can assist content reaching a larger audience of prospective users at a cost lower than the formal releases and ad promotions. The simultaneous release of a new film on the OTT platform and DTH can entice billions of spectators throughout the world.

Currently, the increasing trend of OTT streaming presents the following tendencies:

  • As more people have access to OTT services from their homes, the need for high-quality content is growing every day.
  • Numerous production houses already have adopted the new OTT theatre to release their movies, web series, and much more on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • As watching movies become more frequent and affordable for everyone having a subscription, OTTs are discovering new methods to make marketing lucrative.
  • Audiences are eventually attracted towards the OTT platforms to see the latest releases or classics from their own comfort at a nominal price.
  • Following their theatrical debut, movies will continue to be available on prominent OTT platforms.


OTT is undoubtedly flourishing these days, as people are adapting to a new way of life. A simple OTT subscription provides access to all of our entertainment demands, including movies, music, and games.

Production companies will soon learn that OTT isn’t an opponent, but rather a committed ally. The film business can only survive and flourish in the future new normal, when everyone with a smartphone, Laptop, iPad, desktop, or smart TV would want to view the latest blockbusters or binge-watch TV episodes at their leisure.


  • Ajay Jain

    Ajay is the Director - Business Development at Magnaquest. He is looking at various domains including strategy, go-to-market, core marketing and product marketing. Ajay comes with a rich and varied experience of the semiconductor industry, education and startup consulting. He has an experience of over 16 years in both corporates and growth-stage startups. He has double Masters – MS from University of Arizona and MBA from Indian School of Business.