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Modern Subscription Billing Solution

VALUE-DRIVEN B2B SOLUTIONManage your subscribers efficiently

Manage your subscriptions of both conventional and digital print media with our unified billing solution, Sure

Subscription models are becoming more popular in the media arena. Magnaquest offers a sophisticated and highly scalable Publishing Subscription Billing Software that will help you move to digital subscription-based models in the age of high-speed internet and smart devices, seamlessly. Manage your subscriptions of both conventional and digital print media with our unified billing solution, Sure.

Sure is an end-to-end, unified publishing subscription management software which helps identify, measure and manage subscription-based business revenue, growth and churn besides providing regular billing management fostering stronger and long-lasting customer relationships.

MAKE IT WORTHWHILE FOR CUSTOMERS TO SUBSCRIBEBilling Management Solution That Inspires Subscriptions

The key to boosting your digital media revenue and ensuring your company's success is to have technology that allows you to supplement your digital publishing strategies. Magnaquest Sure helps you establish and scale your subscriber base by with our unique subscription management solution.
Manage products with flexibility
To create multiple personalized offers to target the right customers, at the right time.
Employ paywalls and subscriptions
And create new revenue streams and fix leaks.
Reduce involuntary payment breakage
And stabilize your bottom line by predicting when members are most likely to churn.
Strategize your business efficiently
With the well-equipped digital and print subscription billing solution.
Bundle or unbundle
Print and digital products to target the readers and derive an optimal offer that works best for you.

By enhancing marketing strategies and promotions.

With data protection regulatory compliance and PCI DSS compliance.

A wide range of content packages, subscription plans, discounts, memberships, and more.

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.