Quick Monetization, Smarter OTT Subscription Billing, and Scalable Subscriptions


OTT sprouts benefit for both traditional and digital service providers

The demand for quality content and value for money has skyrocketed with Over-The-Top (OTT) Services. OTT provides a better choice, flexibility, and greater overall value to the consumers. With great potential as a recurring source of revenue, OTT sprouts benefit for both traditional and digital service providers.

For those switching to OTT or are freshly venturing out, recurring OTT billing management could prove to be a challenge. Even for the existing players, balancing between subscription and ad revenue, boosting the subscriber base while ensuring retention and dealing with partners are big obstacles.

Here’s How Sure Simplifies That

  • Simple and smooth customer onboarding with tailor made options
  • Diverse OTT monetization models, such as SVOD, TVOD, Hybrid Models, and more!
  • Segment-specific products for Film-based, Sports-based, or Live-Event based OTT
  • Multi-currency payments and multi-level taxation
  • Support for event-based, pre-paid, and post-paid billing
  • Open integration framework
  • Pre-integrated CMS, OVP middleware & ecosystem partners
  • Manage partners such as Telcos, PayTV, Broadband players
  • Manage & Automate Revenue relationships
  • Volume/Sale-based and custom revenue sharing
  • Periodic and real-time fund settlement
  • 360 ° Customer view and insights for personalized offerings
  • Robust subscription and content analytics to target the right product at the right time
  • Rich set of promotions and coupon combinations to boost sales
  • Best-in-class OTT churn management
  • Track abandoned carts or failed payments
  • Manage & track multiple subscriber profiles & devices
  • Dynamic segmentation tool for future launches
  • Referrals, gifting a subscription/movies and cashbacks
  • Preferred Payment options, Retry & Route Payment gateways

An OTT Solution Crafted Just for You

Leveraging Content and Media With Robust Subscription & Billing Infrastructure
OTT/VOD Operators
Build various service combinations, and quickly launch fresh business models and campaigns. Up-sell and bundle products with early-bird & progressive pricing.
Service Providers
Instantly integrate ISPs, conventional linear TV and telecom players into a scalable, low-cost, and efficient OTT service setting.
TV Networks
Produce persuasive OTT experiences; work with a 360-degree customer view, all with the agility to experiment with unique business models.

Discover The Subscription Revolution

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