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Achieve sky-high growth with sophisticated recurring billing system

VALUE-DRIVEN OPERATIONS SOLUTIONGo beyond Just Subscription Billing

Grow your subscriptions with configurable plan administration, pricing models, promotions, and trials.

With Sure, you can now automate each phase of the invoicing process to ensure a smooth transition from proposal to revenue.

Spend less time collecting payments and more time doing what you’re best at. With Magnaquest Sure, you can control your subscription billing process and be paid quicker and more precisely.

  • Make your data useful with the real-time insights that cover your revenue streams.
  • Take control of end-to-end process with automated invoicing process.
  • Enhance revenue recognition with smart deferral schedules and renewals.
  • Save your time and efforts significantly with smart features.

Sure Can Be Your Ideal Ally

No need to manually bill and submit invoices. Magnaquest Sure handles billing and generates global taxation-compliant invoices for you.

  • Set up billing cycles and frequencies.
  • Bill throughout the globe while being tax compliant
  • Secure customer details with PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance

Allow consumers to make subscription payments via multiple methods.

  • Quick online payment
  • Billing in different currencies
  • Payment routing through multiple gateways

Improve customer recurring billing management by tailoring your pricing plans while assuring that your consumers get what they want.

  • Generate plans, coupons, and add-ons
  • Offer flexible billing choices, and convenient payment methods
  • Manage multiple products, customers, and subscriptions in one go

Give the personal touch to everything, from checkout pages to follow-up emails to make the entire experience unique.

  • Design customized invoice templates
  • Track metrics, access updated data, identify growth areas, and reinvent your services
  • Personalize and deliver your offerings in a secure manner

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.