For Multiplay

Expand or Remodel your Pay TV, ISP, and related Subscription Business with Diversified Options

VALUE-DRIVEN MULTIPLAY SOLUTIONDriving the Dual, Triple, Quad and Multiplay Services Market

With a rapid increase in digitization and cheaper access to smart devices, there is a remarkable shift in customers’ preference to move from a single stream to Multiplay or Triple Play bundled services

Market trends indicate that subscribers are opting for companies offering multiple value-added services. For instance,

  • Traditional TV audience are actively expecting parallel OTT services with attractive content and pricing.
  • To meet such customer demands, we help traditional Pay TV, Broadband, or Telco players partner with OTT providers, or any subscription business to build a parallel presence in related domains empowering them to offer robust multiplay services.
However, such service needs a powerful Multiplay Subscription Billing and Management system to address the challenges from these newly emerging demands and Magnaquest Flagship Subscription Billing platform, Sure, can be your one true ally in this whole journey!

Why Sure for Multiplay?

  • Swift launch of new service bundles, service-specific add-ons
  • Rollout of new offers, varied pricing configurations just in minutes
  • Convergent charging and bundled services billing software
  • Incorporate product-specific parameters such as cross-product offerings
  • Quick promotion of new services with coupons & complex promotions
  • Extend your OTT and VAS with multiple partner services
  • Seamless service orchestration across various provisioning elements
  • Create services based on location, service type, product, or any other parameter
  • Real-time metrics, ad-hoc reporting, and trend analysis
  • Get deep business insights such as churn, MRR, ARPU, LTV for smarter business decisions

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