Content-based Merchandising for B2C

The importance of high-quality content is soaring today, more than ever before. The content also needs to be more innovative, appealing, and, most of all, presented powerfully for the person reading it. Business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) firms might share related business objectives to a certain extent, including boosting sales, producing high-quality leads, expanding traffic, and enlarging profits.

However, the pathway to achieving these ends is entirely different for B2B and B2C companies.

Although their surrounding social sphere influences consumers, the decision-making power lies primarily with one person. Therefore, B2C marketers categorically segment customers by age, income, gender, and other personally distinguishing attributes. The buying dynamic in the B2C scenario is much more personal.

What exactly is Content Merchandising?

Content marketing is the process of rendering high-quality content to a target audience in order to draw in customer interest, build awareness, convert, and produce sales. This process is generally long-term, and it’s all dependent on building fabulous relationships. This relationship promotes brand association, develops trust, and makes it more apparent that viewers buy something or accomplish your sought goal.

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Why is Content Merchandising important for B2C?

Customer Awareness and Education

Super relevant content can educate your viewers on your offerings and everything that makes you better than your competitors. It’s a fantastic setup to exhibit everything that you do, describe it, and illustrate why yours is the best solution or product.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

The customer journey can be an arduous endeavor, particularly in the B2C domain. This is why you must formulate relationships and convey memorable stories to your potential customers.

With an adequately channelized content marketing schema and regularly providing detailed information to your customers, you can build more effective relationships. This will also aid in boosting connections and making those customers returning to the brand they have faith in.

Higher Lead Generation

Content marketing is a great way to help you to boost your bottom line. It can feel a little slower than other paid marketing plans but carries a massive benefit over the other channels because it is recurring in nature.

This means that it could take a little longer to strengthen your strategy and witness results. But once you have, you will witness a large ROI, and best of all, it will also stay uniform. This is excellent for investors, your revenue, or any other parameter where predictability is required.

Content Merchandising – The Types

Content merchandising has a whole platter of diverse approaches to go about it. In terms of setups, there are a number of varied types of content merchandising.

However, it doesn’t suggest that you should strive to do them all. Pick the ones that are most appropriate for your customer and whatever it is that you do.


This method of content merchandising is a beautiful idea of dressing a lot of information into a small volume of screen space. It can be compact and fun to interact with while also generating an enduring impact on your viewers.

These often comprise a few words that define the proposition or value in a straightforward sense. Numbers and figures that show the value of your offering work exceptionally with infographics.

Blog posts

Blogs can be impactful as they can be quickly shared and circulated through diverse quality-impact channels. Additionally, they can be coupled with efficient SEO strategies to push a substantial amount of recurring business in terms of organic growth.

Social media

Organized social media signifies much less of a possibility than paid social media these days. Yet, as a B2C operator, these hurdles do not in any way mean that you cannot achieve success from a well-composed social media content strategy. Sustaining audiences with a high engagement rate can be excellent for B2C customer retention.

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Video remains highly relevant in inducing conversions, with over 50% of customers considering it to be a central element of content merchandising and brand commitment. Video content merchandising enables you to dispatch elaborate ideas to your customers in a deeply engaging format. Video platforms such as YouTube empower you to present guides, programs, and content to resolve your customer’s difficulties. All of this while efficiently putting your solution right in front of them.


Faithful email subscribers are influential because they will take the time to read your best newsletters. If the time isn’t right or when they seem to be too busy, they will usually leave the content in their inbox, waiting to read it once they get free.

Irrespective of which content format you deploy for your B2C content merchandising journey, content marketing is bound to produce unparalleled results for any business in essentially every domain across the world. Begin today by starting your B2C content marketing journey without further ado.


  • Ajay Jain

    Ajay is the Director - Business Development at Magnaquest. He is looking at various domains including strategy, go-to-market, core marketing and product marketing. Ajay comes with a rich and varied experience of the semiconductor industry, education and startup consulting. He has an experience of over 16 years in both corporates and growth-stage startups. He has double Masters – MS from University of Arizona and MBA from Indian School of Business.