For Sports OTT

Make Sports OTT work for Subscriber Engagement and Maximize Revenue with built-in monetization


You might be on the lookout for expanding your present Sports OTT video capability or building a more effective subscriber engagement strategy.

For this, you will need a centralized solution to discover great flexibility for your Sports Events/video content that also ensures a quick boost in your revenues.

Sure is an end-to-end, unified OTT subscription management software which helps identify, measure and manage subscription-based business revenue, growth and churn besides providing regular billingmanagement fostering stronger and long-lasting customer relationships.

Sporting Sure for Sports OTT

  • Quick subscriber onboarding using simple and flexible sign-up
  • Onboard members from different clubhouses from multiple countries
  • Reach-out to club houses and convert members to your OTT subscriptions
  • Use referrals, gift cards, & cashback offers  to onboard new members
  • Membership passes- Annual, Half-Yearly & Monthly
  • Seasonal Packs, League, Exclusive and Live match passes
  • Offer multiple matches & tournaments, Live+ catchup, as a bundled product
  • Special prices & passes for club members and direct subscribers
  • Multi-currency & country-specific offerings
  • Segment users & target specific products/promotions
  • Promote upcoming events and live shows with early bird pricing
  • Change the price based on sale volume (or) demand basis
  • Promotions with free products, discounts and freemiums
  • Discount coupons on memberships, event passes, payment options & birthdays
  • Prepaid billing
  • Royalty points and redemptions
  • Multiple payment options and gateway routing
  • Free to paid conversions with metered paywalls
  • Payment retries and refund processing
  • Carrier billing with clubhouses and events
  • Fan-base/ Subscriber analytics
  • Revenue based insights
  • Membership and Churn metrics
  • Manage external merchandise like caps, goggles, bats, t-shirts, event tickets
  • Charge or offer free of cost for your Loyal Members

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