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VALUE-DRIVEN EDUCATION SOLUTIONInnovate & Transform Online Learning Management

Magnaquest’s core product, Sure offers a simple and intuitive interface to achieve their goals by empowering education trailblazers with customised and updated curricula on-demand.

To succeed in the digital education industry, businesses must assign proper value to content and cultivate long-term relationships with students. eLearning platforms require reliable subscription billing system to handle their growing subscriber base effectively.

Sure Lets You

  • Easily set up multiple plans, invoicing and payment methods with least technical effort.
  • Generate complimentary promotions, vouchers, and discounts.
  • Offer enticing customized course packages and deals to each learner.
  • Improve client engagement and retention with better referral rates, incentives, VIP programs etc.
  • Globalize your business without worrying about billing and taxes.

Manage your subscribers’ memberships efficiently

Accelerate your subscription model in the course management system with Sure by improving billing and subscriber management.

Focus solely on teaching and offering high-quality learning materials, as Sure handles your subscription billing process giving a unified view of subscriptions and customer data.

Imposing data access limitations for recording videos, test papers, and much more based on subsequent integration with the LMS or admin platform.

Sure’s analytics and reporting tools monitor student activities, course participation and financial metrics to build the best curriculum packages for the students.

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.